By Treasury Department

The Ho-Chunk Nation Treasury Department is going paperless starting on July 1, 2017!
Žuurasak means “fast money” in an effort to get tribal members and employees their money quicker along with the cost savings to the Nation and in the interest of becoming environmentally friendly this campaign encourages everyone to fill out the necessary forms by the deadlines listed below to receive your money fast. 
Here is what you need to know
• Paper checks and the non-value paper stubs will no longer be distributed after 07/01/2017.  If you do not sign up for direct deposit or Rapid! Pay card by the deadlines listed below, your payment will be delayed until you do. 
• Regardless how you receive your Payroll and Per Capita now - you must complete a Payroll Direct Deposit form and if a Tribal member, a Per Capita Direct Deposit form.
• All paychecks and per-cap checks will be electronically deposited into a bank account or on to the Rapid! Pay Card via electronic funds transfer.
• All other payments made to Tribal members and Employees will be deposited directly into a bank account and /or on to the Rapid! Pay Card via electronic funds transfer.  There will be no paper checks or stubs.
• All check-stub type information related to payments to Tribal members and Employees will be available online for download.
• Does the Rapid! Card have fees?
ATMs that belong to the Allpoint and Money Pass Networks as well as others such as Kwik Trip & TOB will have no ATM surcharge fee.  You may also access cash at any bank but this method usually has a fee attached. A more detailed fee schedule is on the Ho-Chunk Treasury website or available at Treasury front desk. 
• Expect it to take about 7-10 business days to receive the pay card with your name on it.  Please plan ahead.
• You can use the Rapid! Pay Card just like a debit card. 
• If you have not completed the Payroll Direct Deposit or the Per Capita Direct Deposit form you will not receive a paper check.

Important Deadlines
All Employees must have a completed Direct Deposit Payroll form into the department of Treasury by 06/01/2017. 
All Tribal members must have a completed Direct Deposit form for Per Capita by 07/14/2017. 

The List of options and forms to be filled out and returned to Treasury are the following:

Direct Deposit forms for payroll (DUE 06/01/2017)
 Bank Deposit
 Rapid Card Deposit
 Combination of both

Direct Deposit form for per cap (DUE 07/14/2017)
Bank Deposit
 Rapid Card Deposit
 Combination of both

Other Information

The form will be included with the address verification form that is mailed out sometime around June 1 2017.    Your AVF will not be considered complete if you have not completed the Direct Deposit form.

For additional questions please contact 
Treasury front desk.
Ho-Chunk Nation Website

*****Deadlines are critical so please plan ahead and be sure to spread the word to all your friends and relatives on this NEW initiative!