2023 Address Verifications Should Be in Your Mailbox

By Ardith Van Riper

     The Ho-Chunk Nation 2023 Address Verification Forms (AVFs) from the Office of Enrollment have been mailed out.  The annual AVFs are used for election purposes and to determine district residency.

     The electronic AVFs opens on Monday, Sept. 9 at https://avf.ho-chunk.com.  You will need your last four digits of your social security number, last four digits of your tribal ID, and your date of birth to log in.  A second page will appear after you click on the “Submit” button.

     Please note that paper AVFs require blue or black ink.  If you make an error, do not use white out.  Instead, draw a single line through the error and initial.  Write the correction above or below.  The paper AVF must be signed in front of a Notary Public.

     All AVFs are due Friday, Oct. 13, at 4:30 pm.

     The 2023 AVF is not indicative of a Per Capita Distribution but is necessary to remain compliant with the Per Capita Distribution Ordinance.