COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Program for Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal Members and current Ho-Chunk Nation Employees

By Ardith Van Riper

Program begins accepting applications on August 30

     The Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Health announced a new cash incentive program, and those eligible can begin applying on August 30.  The incentive encourages all Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal Members and current Ho-Chunk Nation Employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and reward those already vaccinated.  The cash incentive payment amount is $500.

     Federally funded Coronavirus Relief Funds is financing this campaign and was approved under previous and current federal administration for broad COVID-19 response purposes to include efforts to boost vaccine uptake.

     All vaccine eligible Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal Members and all current Ho-Chunk Nation Employees are eligible for the incentive.  In addition, Tribal Members and employees who are already fully vaccinated are also eligible.  

     Those eligible for the incentive must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 via Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen no later than two weeks after the incentive program ends.

     Program verification of the vaccine series depends on the submission of valid documents.  Therefore, no hand-written attestation documents are allowed as forms or proof of vaccination.  Proper documents include:

·         A printout of the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (or applicable State Agency for those living outside of Wisconsin). 

·         A copy of the CDC-issued COVID vaccination card.

·         A printout of the vaccination status report from the Provider who administered the vaccination.

     To claim the incentive, participants must email and complete the Application form.  Attach your valid document to the email or include a photo of your valid document in the body of the email. 

     In addition, proof of enrollment or employment must be included with the email.   Proof of enrollment includes a copy of a Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) or Enrollment Identification Card.  Proof of employment includes a copy of an employee badge or most recent pay stub.

     In summary, the following three documents are required to avoid automatic rejection:

1.  Completed VAX 4 $500 Application Form

2.  Proof of Vaccination

3.  Proof of Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal Enrollment or Proof of Ho-Chunk Nation Employment

     The Application form will be available on the Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Health website at

     Those who cannot email their information can call 715-284-9851 extension 35072, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., for assistance.

     If you are helping an individual submit a claim, separate each individual into different email submissions (only one participant per email).

     Paper submissions are highly discouraged.  However, paper submissions can be made in-person to the Cashier at the Ho-Chunk Health Care Center or the House of Wellness.

     All incentive payments shall be payable to the individual named on the vaccine document, even if that individual is a minor.  The Department of Health will make no bulk payments to families residing at the same address.  Only one $500 payment per eligible individual.

     The program staff will verify vaccination status.   The processing of incentive payments may take up to 20 business days as initial volume is expected to be high. 

     The Department of Health will not automatically enroll individuals in this incentive program. 

     COVID-19 vaccinations are still available.  Contact the Ho-Chunk Health Care Center at 715-284-9851 or the House of Wellness at 608-355-1240 to set up an appointment and become eligible for the incentive.

     Be aware that no questions will be answered from the email address.  Those with questions should call 715-284-9851 extension 35072.

     Complete Vaccination Incentive Program (VAX 4 $500) details will be located on the Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Health website at