Dentist Dr. Charles Lau leaves House of Wellness

By Submitted by Joan Greendeer-Lee


     Our HOW Dentist Dr. Charles Lau submitted his resignation in 2019 to pursue his dream of opening his own dental office.  He graciously continued seeing patients on Monday and Tuesday while we sought to fill the dentist position.  
     Dr. Lau last day of work at the House of Wellness ended in October, 2020.  His departing words were:
     "I am very grateful for the opportunities I have had during my time here. I will miss working with great group of colleagues and our patients. 
     "I sincerely appreciate all of you and looking forward to stay in touch with you."
     Due to current circumstances, Health shared cupcakes with his colleagues, and his supervisor provided a luncheon for his team.  Afterwards, Dr. Lau was donned a blanket for the over eleven (11) years of service to our tribal community.  Words of appreciation and were expressed.
     Dr. Lau’s closing statement was:
      "In addition, please give a warm welcome to Dr. Magno to House of Wellness."