Education Department staff all pitch in for animal shelter donation

By Ken Luchterhand

It was an idea of helping animals who needed it most. It was an idea of compassion and caring for pets.

That idea, by Hannah Myers, was a fundraiser to help the dogs and cats at the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

Meyers and her co-workers in the Ho-Chunk Nation Education Department raised $265 for the shelter.

A board of cards was on display in the Tribal Office Building for several weeks. People would pay to put their names on each of the cards. When the contest ended, the cards were overturned and anyone with a Joker would receive prize money.

“I just came up with the idea a few weeks ago,” Myers said. “I really enjoy animals and thought a little donation would help the shelter. The Jackson County Animal Shelter does a lot for the community in regards to taking care of animals.”

Jackson County Animal Shelter Manager Barb Pfaff accepted the check on Monday, Aug. 14.

Myers said she received a lot of support from co-workers in the Education Department. Most of them have pets at home and are concerned about the welfare of all animals, she said.

“The Education Staff all care for animals, and they helped support this little fundraiser in some way or another.  We just wanted to do our little part in showing our support,” Myers said.