GAP Awards recognizes the best employees at Ho-Chunk Gaming – Nekoosa

By Ken Luchterhand

The annual Guest Appreciation Program (GAP) awards were held at Ho-Chunk Gaming – Nekoosa on Tuesday, Sept. 19, to recognize the employees who perform outstanding service.
All employees were selected, based on employee nominations or Guest comment cards. The criteria for nominations is based on one of the four GAP Principles:
1. Name and Greet
2. Smile and Meet
3. Listen and Act
4. Ask, Ask, Ask
The comment cards are submitted by both external (players and vendors) and internal (co-workers and other employees of the Ho-Chunk Nation).
Quarterly winners include Betty Granger- Food and Beverage; Rebecca Segovia- Slots; Ronette Fuller- Cage; Victoria Elliot-Food and Beverage; Evelyn Arendt-Marketing; Kimberly Woiak- Slots; Heather Redcloud- Security; Jesse Saidman-Slots; Timothy Karbowski –Table Games; Thomas Weigel-Slots; Jason Paasch-Table Games; Shelby Wellnitz- Slots; Keith Hetzel-Training and Developement; Carol Endries- Table Games; Darryl Reany-Slots; Patrice Maier-Food and Beverage; Chad Gilbertson-Maintenance; Phillip Underwood- Food and Beverage; Lance Meronek – Table Games; Joseph Stannis- Food and Beverage; James Campbell- Table Games; Jacob Rheinschmidt-Food and Beverage; and George Merritt-Table Games.
Annual winners include Carol Endries-Table Games; Betty Granger-Food and Beverage; Timothy Karbowski-Table Games; James Campbell-Table Games; Lance Meronek-Table Games; Rhonda Fink-Environmental Service; and Kenneth Jardine-Table Games.
“With this awards ceremony, employees get to see that what they do means a great deal to the Ho-Chunk Nation,” said Table Games Operations Manager Adam Estes at Ho-Chunk Gaming – Nekoosa. “Our employees here at Ho-Chunk Gaming – Nekoosa are our greatest asset. It is their hard work and outstanding service skills that keep our guests coming back.”
Before the awards were given, District 3 Representative Kathy DeCamp offered words of appreciation to all the employees. She shared her journey in life and told what the employees do has positive effects on a larger scale than just simply a company trying to make money.