General Council 2019 Summary

By Kaili Berg

     General Council 2019 took place at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells on September 14. Quorum was established at 11:14 AM, with a total of 2,260 voting members present. 

     Martin Littlewolf, Jr. offered a prayer on behalf of the Ho-Chunk Nation. Vice President and District 1 Legislator Karena Thundercloud reported on the Legislative Branch. Chief Judge JoDeen B. Lowe provided a report on behalf of the Judicial Branch. 

     Nathaniel Longtail opened nominations for the presiding Chairperson. Three members were nominated and each received a second. Wilfrid Cleveland received 650 votes, Gerald Cleveland received 514 votes, and Nathaniel Longtail received 435 votes. 

     Chairman Wilfrid Cleveland appointed Pamela M. Wilber as Recording Secretary with Tina Brown to assist her.  

     Chairman Cleveland called the meeting to order at 11:55 AM.  President Marlon WhiteEagle shared a report from the Office of the President.  Motion to approve the minutes of General Council 2018 passed with 1,497 accept, 48 reject, and 56 abstain.

     Agenda motions and discussion began.  A tribal member attempted to present items to the agenda via proxy – which is not allowed per the Ho-Chunk Nation General Council Meeting Procedures, 10. Agenda, H. New Business, a. Ho-Chunk Nation members are responsible for their own agenda item. 

     Tribal members made motions to put the following resolutions (with voting results) on the agenda which included: 
     1. Minor Trust Policy for Returns on Investments. The motion was carried.
     2. Constitutional Amendment & Constitutional (FMA/AKA Secretarial) Elections at the Annual General Council. The motion was carried.
     3. Contract Disclosure to Legislature. The motion was carried.
     4. Reinstatement of General Council Agency. The motion was defeated. 
     5. Policy for Hiring General Council Attorney. The motion was carried.
     6. Reversing Legislative Action Approval of Office of General Council Establishment & Organization Act. The motion was carried. 
     7. Request for Status of Disenrollment of Mary Ellen Blackdeer Anwash. Status and statements were made. No action was taken.
     8. General Council FY 2021 Budget. The motion was carried.
     9. Declaring the Policy for the General Council to meet on Sovereign Lands of the Ho-Chunk Nation. Item was not discussed. 
     10. Request for Comparable Worth Study. Item was not discussed. 
     11. Law Enforcement. Item was not discussed. 
     12. Review and Reverse the Increase in Salary the Legislature Provided to Themselves. Item was not discussed. 
     13. Authorizing the General Council and the President of the Ho-Chunk Nation, to investigate further, the Indian Nation Preference to Sell Electric Power from an Indian Nation Controlled- Clean Energy Power Production Plant- to the U.S. Federal Government. Item was not discussed. 

     Chairman Wilfrid Cleveland adjourned the meeting at 4:28 PM after a motion to adjourn was made and voted on with 1,043 accept, 848 reject, and 78 abstain.