HCN Tax Document Update

By Ardith Van Riper

     The Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Treasury dispenses tax documents for employees and the enrolled tribal membership.  Each year around this same time, employees await their W-2’s and the membership await their Form 1099.   Those tax documents are on their way.

     The plan is to have W-2’s in the mail by January 22 and 1099’s in the mail by January 29.

     If an employee doesn’t receive their W-2 by February 5 or a tribal member doesn’t collect their 1099 by February 12, they should contact the Department of Treasury at 715-284-1660. 

     The Ho-Chunk Nation Personnel Department provided tax document notice for those who claimed unemployment for the year 2020.  Unemployment will not be automatically sending out a 1099-G Form for tax purposes.  Individuals will need to go to Online Benefit Services at dwd.wisconsin.gov and print a form or call 608-266-2999 to request a mailed tax form.