Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison Brings Ho-Chunk Culture Exhibition to The Glen

By Kaili Berg

     On Friday, September 16th, Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison partnered with Madison Parks Foundation to bring an evening of enrichment for Ho-Chunk culture to The Glen.

     Wisconsin Dells singers and Dance Troupe featuring Elliot Funmaker performed traditional songs and showcased beautiful pageantry along with dancing.

     HCG Madison strives to educate and bring awareness of Indigenous people, the Ho-Chunk people, and Madison’s land and history to the area.

     “It’s a cultural exchange performance happening, and we are trying to promote Ho-Chunk culture,” said Elliot Funmaker, Sr. Leader. “Having people come to these events is important and will help educate the people around the Madison area.”

     Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison welcomes all opportunities to partner with municipal organizations in the Madison (Teejop) area to educate and bring awareness of the Indigenous people, the Ho-Chunkgra (Ho-Chunk people), of TeeJop and its history. HCG Madison hopes all communities of TeeJop will be proud of the Ho-Chunk people’s rich heritage and history.