Ho-Chunk Nation Election Board shifts to Mail Balloting for next Primary Election

By Ardith Van Riper

     The Ho-Chunk Nation Election Board shifts to mail balloting for the March 9 Primary Election.  No polling sites will be open.

     Per the Election Code, “The Election Board shall send by United States Mail a ballot to each eligible voter or Ho-Chunk Member who will be an eligible voter by the date of the election.”

     The Election Board mailed the ballot packages on January 22.  The ballot package consists of a ballot, instruction sheet, ballot secrecy envelope, and return envelope.

     A delay occurred for those eligible voters with Post Office Boxes as their mailing addresses.  Those ballot packages were mailed out January 29.

     Eligible voters who do not receive a ballot or their ballot is spoiled, destroyed, or lost must request a replacement no later than February 16.  

     Call 715-284-8900 or 800-890-0583 for a replacement ballot.  Eligible voters also have the option to email election.board@ho-chunk.com for a replacement ballot.  Include your name, tribal identification number, and mailing address in the body of the email.

     Voters must follow the instruction sheet to cast their vote, except for the last bullet point.  No notary is required. 

     The voter must mark the ballot with a number two pencil.  Then place the ballot in the secrecy envelope and seal it.  Then place the sealed secrecy envelope inside the return envelope and seal it.  The voter must sign and complete the certificate on the return envelope.  Finally, the voter returns the envelope to the Election Board by United States Mail.

     Again, the last line regarding a notary was an error on the instruction sheet.  No notary is required.

     Return ballots must be received no later than the day of the election.  Voters are encouraged to return those ballots as soon as possible.