Kijire Nagu Healing Camp – Supporting Hocak Young People

By Roberta Decorah

     Kijire Nagu (Helping Each Other Along Life’s Pathway) will focus on culture, traditions, customs with supportive environment.  Over the years, WE (Hocak People) have had issues that affected our lives. With the support of Traditional Court, Clan Mothers, Hocak Elders, younger Hocak relatives, peer specialists.  WE are going to learn about Hocak History, Kinship, historical trauma, self-care, oral teachings, Traditional Male teachings, Male/Female roles and responsibilities, healthy cooking, traditional games, and craft projects. 

     WE are inviting young Hocak/descendants aged 18 years and older to participate in this camp from Monday through Friday, week of May 15-19, 2023 and camp will be next to District 1 Community Center.  A registration form will be available and simply needs to be completed  by March 31, 2023, prior to event so we can plan accordingly.   Some of our Core Values of Hocak People are sense of belonging, generosity, trust, belief system, ceremonies, by incorporating culture and traditions into their life.

     This undertaking started almost 20 years ago, and the time has come to take back our communities with a strong cultural, traditional, Hocak identity along with strong individual belief system. Our Hocak People have a strong history, kinship, roles, and responsibilities and ability to take care of our own.  The vision has been to see a healing village created to meet each person’s individuality by integrating our culture and traditions along with other individual needs. 

     When speaking with Hocak elite elder some years ago, she spoke softly and said we used to be a “aa ke ruti society” which translated means leading another person by the hand through their difficulties in life.  WE (Hocak People) would talk with our young people about these obstacles that they would face and talk with them about what was helpful in our lives in overcoming these obstacles.   WE (Hocak People) possess a resiliency factor that can get us through difficult times, and WE (Hocak People) will always possess a connection with each other through our Hocak kinship ways.   

     If you would like additional information, please contact: Roberta Decorah, 608-343-8146 or and I will be going to out into the communities and area meetings next month when feasible.  WE are still looking for elders, employees and community members that would like to assist or participate in this very worthwhile project.  Thank you for reading.  

     Respectfully Roberta Decorah