Language Division hosts annual “Ho-Chunk Baseball Tournament” at Tribal Office Building

By Elijah T. Smith

     This year the annual Ho-Chunk Baseball Tournament was held at the tribal office building in Black River Falls. Various areas that participated in the tournament were from Wisconsin Dells, Mauston, Tomah, and Black River Falls. 

     This year the tournament had more input and involvement from the community and students from the schools. Through double elimination, teams from their areas competed for the trophy and bragging rights.  Overall the game had a competitive aspect but also the joy and laughter that we Ho-Chunk people are known to possess and bring our people together. 

     The tournament organizers taught many of the Ho-Chunk people and the community collectively with sentences and words that are lengthy, difficult, entertaining, and funny. Hearing, speaking, and practicing these pronunciations teach one another our language within the area that surrounds us.  The language is part of our culture and heritage. 

     This year the tournament was won by a cooperation of the departments taught and led by Andrea McCaskey. The Language Division does its very best to influence and teach our people and those in the community the language, culture, and history of the Ho-Chunk.