Madison Mayor visited the Ho-Chunk Nation

By Elijah T. Smith

     During the last week of November, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway visited the Ho-Chunk Nation tribal office building.  President Marlon WhiteEagle of the Ho-Chunk Nation and representatives of the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature welcomed Mayor Rhodes-Conway.

     During the visit, President WhiteEagle expressed words of appreciation and detailed the union between Madison and the Ho-Chunk Nation. WhiteEagle also talked about the history of which Madison shares with the people of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

     After WhiteEagle’s commentary, the Ho-Chunk Nation President offered a Ho-Chunk Flag as a gift to the city of Madison.

     Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway returned the compliment, “I acknowledge that I live, and my city exists on Ho-Chunk lands.  It feels important to me to have a positive relationship with the Nation.  So, I appreciate the opportunity to be here, and I appreciate the gift of the flag. 

     “I asked if it would be appropriate for us to have a flag to display, that we could fly over the municipal building and for display in our council chambers or have it in my office, depending on the appropriate event.  I do feel that it is important that we acknowledge we exist on Ho-Chunk land and to fly the flag in acknowledgment.”

     She went on to say, “I hope that this is another step along the way, a relationship of collaboration and cooperation and communication between the city of Madison and the Ho-Chunk Nation.  I certainly invite anyone from the Ho-Chunk Nation who lives in the city or not to come and communicate with us and share your thoughts and ideas.”

     Representative Daren Brinegar spoke briefly and presented Mayor Rhodes-Conway with red Ho-Chunk style earrings.

     Together Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, President WhiteEagle, Representative Brinegar and Representative Walker posed with the exchanged flags as a beginning to a mutual partnership.