Michael Sallaway serves HCN Legislators with a lawsuit

By Ardith Van Riper

     In the August 26 open session of the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislative Finance Committee meeting, Michael Sallaway served the Legislators in attendance with a lawsuit stating they violated the law concerning the passage of a resolution to call a Special General Council meeting.

     In the July 21 Regular Meeting of the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature, Resolution 07/21/20 A passed.  Part of this resolution states, “that the Legislature, pursuant to its authority under Article IC, Section 6 of the Constitution, hereby calls for a Special Meeting of the Ho-Chunk Nation General Council, for the specific purpose of considering the removal of the President.

     …that the Special Meeting of the General Council shall take place within sixty (60) days of the adoption of this resolution:

     …that, pursuant to Article IC, Section 6 of the Constitution, the President shall provide notice for all Special Meetings of the General Council.”

     Michael Sallaway and through his attorney, Timothy Harjo, petitioned for emergency temporary injunction and relief with the Ho-Chunk Nation Trial Court.