Mock E-meeting Provides Orientation for GC2020

By Ardith Van Riper

     Enrolled Ho-Chunk Nation members were invited to attend a mock e-meeting on November 20, 2020.  The mock meeting provided attendees an opportunity to navigate the virtual meeting space in preparation for the Annual Meeting of General Council scheduled for December 5.

     Detailed instructions were displayed on the Hocak Worak’s website, and a link to those instructions was shared on the Hocak Worak’s Facebook page.  The updated instructions for the Annual GC2020 meeting are in this publication of the Hocak Worak.

     Per those instructions, attendees use two platforms to participate in the virtual meeting. One platform called Lumi is intended for voting and requesting to speak.  The other platform, Zoom, is used to view meeting proceedings and interact after being called on by the Chairman of the meeting.

     The use of two platforms may provide convenience to households with more than one voting age tribal member.  A group watches meeting proceedings on a laptop or computer using Zoom.  Then individuals within that group vote with their mobile devices, such as smart phones or tablets, using the Lumi Platform. 

     For those individual tribal members, two devices are recommended but not necessary.  A laptop or computer provides easier attendance because switching between the two platforms can be difficult without further instruction when using a smart phone or tablet.  Rather than have the platforms open in two tabs on one web browser, open two web browsers - one to launch Lumi and one to launch Zoom.

     It’s recommended that Mozilla FireFox or Chrome is used instead of Internet Explorer.

     Tribal members with technical issues may contact the Help Desk at 715-227-5553 or email

     A YouTube video featuring a clip of the Mock E-Meeting is located at and titled Ho Chunk General Council Mock E Meeting.