Outside Vendor Review Committee

By Submitted by Ho-Chunk Nation Legislative Branch

     The Legislature adopted a resolution creating the Outside Vendor Review Committee/Task Force.  This task force will be made up of the members of the Legislature’s Development Committee.  They will be tasked with ensuring the Nation properly analyzes and reviews proposals over $100,000 from contractors and professionals outside of the Nation. 

     The formation of this committee/task force will help the Legislature maintain its fiduciary responsibility and ensure competence and reputability of contracts, partners and commitments made on behalf of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

     The task force will receive proposals directly or referred from the Executive branch through the Legislative process.  They will conduct due diligence by meeting to review background checks and providing a thorough analysis to mitigate the risk to the Nation. 

     We anticipate this committee will be only one of several factors in strengthening the Nation’s sovereign economy.