Virtual General Council 2020 - Tribal Member Instructions

By submitted by General Council Volunteer Coordinator

     Welcome to the Ho-Chunk General Council Meeting for 2020.

     This has been an unusual year and your General Council Volunteer Coordinators Workgroup has been working hard to make sure you have representation and can have your voice heard during the meeting.

     Please be patient and if you have any issues, please call the Help Desk at: 715-227-5553.

Your Two Platforms
     You will use two platforms to participate in the meeting.

Lumi Platform
Used for:
     -Voting on elections and motions
     -Entering the speaking queue
          -Use the speaking queue terms found on the information page of the Lumi platform

Use for:
     -Viewing meeting proceedings
     -Raising your hand to speak after being called on by the Chair
     -Enabling audio and video to participate in the discussion, after being called on by the Chair

If you are attending the virtual meeting by yourself from home:
     You will have both the Lumi Platform and Zoom meeting open on your laptop computer in two different windows.

If you are attending the virtual meeting with others in a group:
     Each individual person will log into the Lumi platform on their own device.
     Only one person in the group will log into the Zoom meeting for all attendees in that group to view and hear the meeting proceedings.

Your Logins
     For the Lumi Platform, use this link to access the virtual meeting:

     -Username: Last 4 of your tribal ID (include the zero, when it is in the last 4 digits of you ID number)
     -Password: gc2020 (all lower-case)

For Zoom, once you are inside the Lumi platform, you will see the Zoom link on the Info Page. Click on the zoom link to start the Zoom meeting in a separate window to watch the proceedings.

Zoom Login Process
Sample link:
     1. Tribal Members click on link to open registration page.
     2. Then enter name, email address, four-digit ID, and click 'Register'
     3. Upon clicking register, you will receive an email with your uniquely generated webinar link and password. The email will come from Ho-Chunk Nation General Council &
     4. When the event begins, you, the attendee should find the email and click "Click Here to Join"
     5. Zoom will open and you, the attendee will be taken directly into the event (or see a screen stating the webinar has not yet started if they log in early).  If you have never used Zoom before, You will first be prompted to download and run Zoom.

Zoom Login Process (No Email)
     -If you need special accommodations, for example, you don't have an email address, we are asking you to call the help desk at 715-227-5553 for special instructions.
     -We will provide you with a link to a YouTube stream of the event.
     -This way, you can view all content. If you want to raise your hand to speak, you will need to go to the Lumi Platform Chat Screen.
     -Follow the instructions on the next slide, also you need to add your phone number in the chat, and we will call you when the Chairman selects you to speak.

Request to Speak
     -When you are logged into the LUMI Platform, you will see a basic information screen.
     -Once the Speaker opens the Speaking Queue, you can click the messaging icon in the upper right menu bar.

     Use the quick terms to enter your intent to speak in the chatbox and hit the gold 'send' icon to send your message into the queue. 

     You may type in ONE of the following:
          For/ Against / Motion/ Point of Order / Question 
          Then click on the arrow button to submit.

     If you are in a group, please type in one of the following:
          For / Against / Motion / Point of Order / Question and your Zoom group name you are at, so that the production staff may more easily find you in Zoom

Best Practice Tips
     -If possible, connect to the Internet via an Ethernet cable. If using Wi-Fi, ensure that you are close to your wireless router and that your connection is stable.
     -Headsets are helpful for hearing audio more clearly.
     -We recommend to use Zoom on a computer rather than a mobile device.
     -We recommend to use Lumi on a mobile device, just like a voting device.
     -If you're in the room with others, please use headset or mute your device

Getting Connected
     The following are tips for getting connected to the virtual meeting:
          -Check your internet connectivity
          -Check your headset for speaker and microphone
          -Log into the Lumi platform 15 minutes before the meeting starts

          -Log into Zoom:
               -Make sure your name in Zoom is your first and last name so production staff can easily find you in the list and unmute your microphone if you will speak. If it is not, then Re-Name to show your name.
               -Find the Mute Button
               -Find the Raise Hand Button

     Tribal Members with technical issues may contact:
          Help-Desk for Zoom Meeting and Lumi Voting

     Please note that unless there is a widespread outage in one area, proceedings will continue.