Western Tech Graduates visit Ho-Chunk Nation sites and learn about the workforce

By Elijah T. Smith

     At the end of October, the Ho-Chunk Nation hosted the Western Technical College (WTC) graduating class of Black River Falls at the Ho-Chunk Nation tribal office building to educate and present real-world expectations of the workforce.

     In the presentation, IT Supervisor Bobby Bird provided a warm welcome to the students, discussed the reality of the workforce, and what will transpire for them once they are a part of the workforce. Throughout the presentation, Bird introduced various employees of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

     Employees shared their experiences that they had gone through with the students and explained how businesses comply with regulations, standard procedures and operations. The employees described expectations that come with specific job descriptions and that all jobs allow for training and the comfortability that comes with educating new members of the workforce.

     Over the past few years, WTC students of Black River Falls have visited the Ho-Chunk Nation tribal office building site because of how well the Ho-Chunk Nation is informed about statistics and performance in the workforce.  

     The WTC collaborates with the Ho-Chunk Nation to assist the students who do not have an understanding of expectations or job descriptions. Together they prepare students for the workforce and construct a brighter future for our up and coming generations.

     The Ho-Chunk Nation is always looking to introduce smart and efficient ways to enable a wide variety of working-class employees.