Address verification to be available online

By Ken Luchterhand

There’s an easier way to verify your address to the Ho-Chunk Nation Enrollment Department.

It’s coming soon. June 19, to be exact.

Tribal members will be able to verify their addresses electronically, meaning each person will be able to complete the process from the comfort of their own home. The Enrollment Department has been working on the online Address Verification Form process for approximately two years.

 “It’s for the convenience of tribal members,” said Enrollment Officer Rita Gardner of the Enrollment Division.

The paper version, the method used until now, still will be available to those tribal members who prefer to complete the process that way. However, the paper version has to be documented by a Notary Public.

The online procedure can be done quickly, just by entering the information and the click of a mouse.

“It is an important process,” Gardner said. “We’re working to streamline the procedure.”

The address verification process is necessary for voting and to measure district population. It also is used when disbursing per cap payments.

 “We want people to understand that it’s an easy process once the information is entered into the computer. In future years, you won’t have to receive the AVF. There isn’t anywhere the process won’t follow. We have tribal members all over the world.”

The online process will be available on June 19. All address verifications need to be completed by July 15.