Bronson begins to find his niche in the G League

By Tim Wohlers

Wisconsin native Bronson Koenig has begun to settle into his new role as a member of the Grand Rapids Drive.  The rookie guard has averaged 8.2 points throughout his first 10 games with the team. 
“It’s not like (it was) at Wisconsin,” Koenig said.  “I am free.” 
He has been boosting his stats in other categories as well.  He has played over 30 minutes in two of the team’s last three games, compared to the 13 minutes he averaged throughout his first eight games. 
“It’s definitely been a lot of highs and lows,” Koenig said, “ups and downs.”   
Those numbers have been approaching Koenig’s college averages, where he scored 9.9 points in 27.5 minutes of play. 
So one could argue that things are looking up for the rookie, who has started three of the last four games. 
With more time on the court, though, Koenig would have an opportunity to reach his full potential as a player. 
“I hope Coach lets me play,” Koenig said.  “I just keep that faith and work as hard as I can every single day.” 
His team’s scheduled to play 34 more games throughout the rest of the season, in which Koenig can prove himself to NBA teams that just might have an open spot on their roster for next year.