Candidates with Ho-Chunk connections participate in August elections

By Ken Luchterhand

Four candidates with Ho-Chunk connections recently made their efforts to the polls in August.
Ho-Chunk member Sharice Davids won in the Democratic primary on Aug. 7 for Kansas’ Third Congressional District. She will be running against the Incumbent Republican candidate Kevin Yoder on Nov. 6.

Ho-Chunk member Arvina Martin was on the Aug. 14 ballot in Wisconsin, running for the Democratic position for Secretary of State. She was defeated, with her opponent, Doug La Follette receiving 326,618 votes and Martin receiving 168,755 votes.

Ho-Chunk member Cari Fay ran unopposed for the Democratic ticket in the Aug. 14 primary. She’s running for State Assembly in District 70 in Wisconsin. She will face her opponent, incumbent Republican Nancy VanderMeer.

Ho-Chunk Nation employee Desiree Gearing Lancaster made a bid for the Democratic position for State Assembly, District 92, in the Aug. 14 primary. Rob Grover, who received 2,650 votes, edged her, while Gear-Lancaster received 1,572 votes and Max Hart received 1,224 votes.