District 1 Community Center hosts Pinaga tournament

By Gary Garvin

Tuesday, March 5, teams of two competed in an 11-team double elimination Pinaga tournament at the District 1 Community Center. Fitness Specialists Clarence Pettibone and Andy Lopez coordinated and organized the Pinaga

“It’s been going on for a few years now, the Pinaga tournament,” Pettibone said.

“It’s a card game, you just need two people to make a team. We had 11 teams. We had 2 youth teams and 9 adult teams,” Pettibone said.

“This tournament was one of the largest ones we’ve had so far,” Pettibone said.

“It’s just for us to get together, especially these card games that are traditionally played. I think I’ve only seen them if someone has passed away and you’re playing at a wake. It’s kind of nice to play when you’re just having a good time and there is nothing to feel sad about when you’re there,” Pettibone said.

“It’s good to have these tournaments just to get more people to learn how to play and to enjoy it. Enjoy themselves and to get the community together,” Pettibone said.

Pettibone would like to see more youth present during the different tournaments hosted at the District 1 Community Center.

“Everybody here knows the games, they are willing to help anyone learn it,” Pettibone said.

An elder bingo social is currently being planned for Friday, April 12 at the District 1 Community Center. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. The following teams made the podium:

6th place: Not Your Tega; George Garvin and Hinu Smith

5th place: Thunderstruck; David Youngthunder and Kathy Littlejohn

4th place: Hena and Hinu; Olivia Anderson and Desmond Smith

3rd place: Mean Tegas; Sugar Bear and Levi Winnishiek

2nd place: Ayeee; Richard Mann and Nu Ortiz

1st place: What Evs; Adam Kruse and Rita Kingswan