Electronic Ho-Chunk Nation Address Verification Form Now Open

By Ardith Van Riper

     The Electronic Address Verification Form portal opened on Sept. 19.  The enrolled Ho-Chunk Nation Membership can skip the notary with this electronic option.  Otherwise, the paper Address Verification Forms (AVF) were mailed out to eligible tribal members last month.  The Enrollment Office is accepting either form of address verification.

     The Per Capita Distribution Ordinance requires an annual AVF.  Information obtained from this 2022 form determines members’ residency for election purposes.  Therefore, the 2022 AVF is not indicative of a Per Capita Distribution.

     According to HCC § 12, Per Capita Distribution Ordinance, Sec.7c., “Each member shall be required to submit an annual address verification form (either paper or electronic) to the Enrollment Office in accordance with the procedures and instructions promulgated by the Enrollment Office.”

     It is vital that the membership keeps its address current.  The Change of Address form can be found on the Nation’s website at ho-chunknation.com.  Although mail and faxes are still accepted and retrieved from the office, the most efficient way to submit information to the Enrollment Office is to email enrollmentinfo@ho-chunk.com.

     The Electronic Address Verification Form portal is located at https://avf.ho-chunk.com.  Ho-Chunk enrolled members will need to enter the last four numbers of their social security number, the last four numbers of their tribal identification number, and their date of birth (formatted as: MM/DD/YYYY) to begin the process.

     Again, the AVF is necessary to remain compliant with the Per Capita Distribution Ordinance and is not indicative of a Per Capita Distribution.