Ho-Chunk Nation COVID-19 Vaccine New Data Dashboard

By Submitted by the Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Hea

     Ho-Chunk Nation – The Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Health has been working with the Ho-Chunk Nation Realty Division and Niklas Anderson to develop a Ho-Chunk Nation COVID-19 Vaccine data dash board.  The dash board is intended to provide both leadership and our community members with information about the status of COVID-19 vaccination within the Ho-Chunk Health Department Service area.  We have been evaluating our State, regional, and local partner data dash boards regarding vaccine as we developed our metrics.  These metrics have assisted the department in developing our Epidemiology plan and our COVID-19 Vaccination plan. We will continually evaluate the data dash board to determine if additional metrics would help to inform decisions.  The purpose of the data dash board is to help our community members and leadership make informed decisions and to guide future planning. 

     The link to view the new data dash board can be found here: bit.ly/hcnvacc.  The dash board is best viewed on lap tops, desk tops or larger screens and is not well suited for mobile devices.  The information will be refreshed when new information regarding vaccine is available.

     The new data dash board can also be found on the Ho-Chunk Nation Health Department website (http://health.ho-chunk.com/ ).