No May 2022 Per Capita Distribution

By Ardith Van Riper

     During the Legislative Meeting on April 5, a resolution passed declaring, “in light of the unprecedented circumstances, and pursuant to its Constitutional authority, does hereby declare that no per capita distribution will be made to the 7,730 eligible tribal members on May 1, 2022.”

     Per Capita is the distribution of revenues appropriated by the Legislature from gaming revenues.  The first declaration that no per capita will be distributed was in August of 2020.

     “The Legislature finds that the declaration of per capita distribution for May 1, 2022 is impacted as a result of the closure of the Nation’s gaming operations and the decrease in gaming revenue in the six months immediately preceding,” additionally states the Resolution 04-05-22 E.

     The Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature Per-Capita Declaration for May 1, 2022, Resolution 04-05-22 E, passed by an affirmative vote of 11 members, with two opposed and zero abstaining.